Ford Ranger XL

Ford Ranger XL
Ford Ranger XL Ford Ranger XL
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The popularity of the pickup trucks have increased over the last few years, with he Ford Ranger being one of the first, owners don’t just want them to do one job, they are needed in may situations to be an office and family wagon at the same time and for a change it turns out that those millions of Americans worked it out first the ford F150 is the best selling truck in America and the Ranger has learned allot from it’s American half brother.  The new Ford Ranger has been tested in some serious conditions and terrain on the planet (working on taking one to the moon next year we believe !) The new Ford Ranger has plenty of spec levels to choose from and now with the new American styling, you won’t mind driving it at the weekend either ! check out the brochure to find out which one is best for you !

RANGER  BROCHURE (click to download)

Ford Ranger Body Range
Regular Cab Regular Cab The two-door Regular Cab provides an exceptional and highly practical space with outstanding load-space capability. • Two-door cab style with seats for two occupants. • Load box 2,317 x 1,560 mm 1,340 kg maximum gross payload (1182 kg on 4x2)
Super Cab Super Cab The Super Cab has two conventional front doors and two reverse-hinged rear panels, giving easy access to the back of the cab and the space behind the front seats. This cab style has occasional seating in the rear with secure, accessible in-cab storage, including two covered compartments in the floor. • Four door cab style with reverse-hinged rear doors and seats for up to four occupants. • Load box 1,847 x 1,560 mm 1254 kg maximum gross payload (1,190 kg on 4x2)
double Cab Double Cab The Ranger Double Cab has four full sized doors. It provides a spacious, car-like environment for up to five people, with larger doors giving easier access for rear passengers. They also enjoy superb rear legroom. Four-door cab style with seats for up to five occupants. Load box 1549 x 1560 mm 1179 kg (125PS) maximum gross payload

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