Citroen Nemo

Citroen Nemo
Citroen Nemo Citroen Nemo Citroen Nemo
Brand: Citroen
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The Citroen Nemo may share its name with a beloved cartoon fish with a gimpy fin! But the little Nemo has no limitations at all, in fact the Citroen Nemo and its Peugeot twin brother caused more of a stir in the office when we got our first Demo on fleet last year with the staff (An they see a lot of vans !) like its cartoon friend, the van gets called cute, sweet etc., so if you are looking for a van that will make you looking tough this may not be the one for you, however it really bridges the gap between the Car Van like the Fiesta Van and the Berlingo sized van. Long story we loved our Demo a Van and can see Drivers and fleet managers having a soft spot for this scrappydoo of a van in the Nemo. This little van can actually haul up to 660KG of payload and is great around the city, we kept searching for the smallest of car parks to see how it coped and we never had to bailout on a space. As with all Citroen Commercial vehicles it comes in three trim levels the X XL and enterpriseā€¦ (Other rental companies are available!)  As a summary, if you need a little van this is more than up to the job, we genuinely love driving these so you will probably get one of the office staff delivering yours if you feel the Nemo Van is the one for you.  If you need more convincing feel free to download the Nemo PDF Brochure below or call or team for useful but on this Van slightly bias advice. 

Citroen Nemo Brochure


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